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TAPAS Hosted Workshops

TAPAS Workshops are run by the TAPAS team and focus on managing your TEI data and projects in TAPAS. These workshops are open to all.  We offer two basic workshop formats:

  • 1-day workshops that help participants get started in TAPAS

  • 2-day workshops that offer an introduction to the TEI followed by a hands-on lab in TAPAS

We can also develop custom workshops for specific situations. TAPAS workshops are held either at Northeastern University or by request at other institutions. If you’re interested in hosting a workshop, please contact our team for availability and pricing information: Request a TAPAS Workshop.

Pricing depends on the location and the format of your workshop. A TAPAS team member will provide you a quote based on the information included in your contact email.

Community TEI Workshops

The TAPAS service can be used to support any TEI workshop. Instructors and participants can sign up for free TAPAS accounts at any time and upload TEI files to the site, where they can be viewed and examined. TAPAS helps solve the “what next?!” problem and enables workshop participants to see their TEI data in a working publication environment.

For more intensive workshop use, we also offer a prebuilt community workshop project space, where TAPAS partner instructors and their attendees can upload sample TEI, collaborate through a dedicated forum space, create custom collections, and test drive TAPAS features. Go to the Community Workshops Project Community Workshops Project.

TAPAS Partner Instructors

Want to use TAPAS regularly in your workshops? Become a partner instructor with TAPAS. This is a free service of the TAPAS project, open to all members of the TAPAS and TEI community.

Steps for Getting Started

Step 1: Become a Partner Instructor by completing this short form. A member of our team will be in touch shortly to help get you setup and include your event in our Workshops schedule below.

Step 2: Visit the Community Workshops Project Once you've registered as a participating instructor, you’ll be added to the community project and can create a dedicated collection for your  workshop. This enables you to keep all of your participants’ files together in one place, making it easier to compare encoding and plan sequences of activities. You can also add templates and sample files for your participants to use.

Step 3: For guides and information on using TAPAS and teaching its features, go to our "Getting Started with TAPAS" page. Here you will find overviews on TAPAS accounts, features of our project site, and slideshows and tutorials for getting started. All of these materials are freely available to be used or adapted for workshop use.

Step 4: Don't forget to register your workshop with the TEI-C here. This will provide your participants a free one-year membership to the TEI-C and give them access to project building features in TAPAS for the duration of their membership.

Step 5: Prior to your event, have your participants register for free TAPAS Accounts and request membership to the Community Workshop project.

Workshops Schedule

View our community events calendar.
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