Tapas Project

TAPAS is the TEI Archiving, Publishing, and Access Service. We are a publicly accessible web publication and repository service for documents digitally encoded using the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) (Learn more about the TEI by visiting the TEI-Consortium website). TAPAS seeks to support small projects and individual scholars who don’t have access to programmers, servers, and institutional support for publishing their TEI data. But TAPAS can also help larger projects, by providing long-term TEI data curation and methods for disseminating TEI data. TAPAS also serves the TEI community by supporting research on TEI encoding and design practices, and by creating a long-term repository for TEI data.

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Who uses TAPAS?

Teachers & Instructors of the TEI

TAPAS is used as a platform by teachers of TEI to build learning spaces and design assignments and activities for their students. The service can be used for short TEI workshops, full-semester TEI courses, or a simple TEI unit in a larger humanities course. The TAPAS Contributing Member program supports teachers as they engage their students in collaborative, praxis-based  forms of learning. Use of the service is free to students.

Students of the TEI

For students and those learning the TEI, TAPAS makes it easy to experiment with TEI and learn by looking at other projects and examples. The TAPAS reading interface offers multiple views of TEI data, including the ability to switch between raw XML and different formatted displays, and to see how many different ways encoded information can be expressed. Student can also use our sample TEI and encoding guides to practice marking up common document genres. The TAPAS community forums provide a welcoming space within which to ask questions and get answers from other TAPAS users and the TAPAS team.

TEI Project Developers

TAPAS is used by both small and large scale TEI projects to publish their TEI data. TAPAS is a useful prototyping environment during the early phases of project development, and can also serve as a primary publication platform. Through the TAPAS Commons, projects can make their data available for study by the TEI community, even if they don't plan to use TAPAS as their primary publication platform.

Research Scholars

Over time, TAPAS is becoming a resource for scholars to access TEI editions of historical and cultural documents. The browsing interface allows researchers to move between published projects, collections, and records, and filter content based on custom metadata.
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