Tapas Project

TAPAS is designed to provide several different kinds of testing on TEI files, as part of the ingestion and file management process:

  1. TAPAS checks all uploaded files for well-formedness. This is a basic requirement for all TAPAS data (TAPAS can't process ill-formed files at all) so any files that fail this test will be declined with an error message.
  2. TAPAS validates all uploaded files against a very general TEI schema, to ensure that they are in the TEI namespace and contain the basic metadata necessary for TAPAS. Files that don't pass this validation won't work in the TAPAS system and will be declined with an error message.
  3. TAPAS has the capacity to use Schematron to test for the presence or absence of specific encoding features, both to check for internal consistency and also to find out whether a file has the properties necessary to work in a specific context, such as a view package.
  4. In the future, TAPAS will provide informational validation against user-supplied schemas, to support data curation.

Currently, there is nothing users need to do to validate files. All files are validated as part of the upload process. Fatal validation errors will prevent the file from being uploaded. Files with non-fatal validation errors will be ingested normally.
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