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Choosing Stylesheet(s) / View Package(s)

All TEI Records in the Reading Interface can be viewed via pre-generated stylesheets made available through TAPAS View Packages (see View Packages).  TAPAS currently offers three primary stylesheets under the “Choose Stylesheet” toggle: TAPAS Generic, TEI Boilerplate, and XML, with more to come! Owners of TEI Records can set a preferred view package in their admin Record settings. This will display one of the available stylesheets upon Record load, with option for front end user to select other available stylesheets under “Choose Stylesheet.”

Table of Contents

The TAPAS Reader automatically generates a Table of Contents for TEI Records based on the file’s div structure. This TOC is a part of the TAPAS Generic View Package.

Viewing Support File Data (Popups)

When a TEI Record includes an @ref on ography entry data either stored in the teiHeader or within an associated support Ography file in the same project space, the TAPAS Reader will present a link to the user that will generate a popup window to display the linked data. See an example here: http://www.tapasproject.org/tapas-commons/files/handling-ography-data-tapas-reader To learn more about associating your Ography data in TAPAS, see “Records” > “Support Records” > “Ographies”

Dual Pane (Multi-file View)

The dual pane view in the TAPAS Reading Interface allows users to select two files from an existing project collection and compare them within the same reader. Instructions for using the Dual Pane reader:  

Downloading Record File(s)

To download source and auxiliary files for a record, go to “Files” tab.

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