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All TAPAS users are required to have a registered TAPAS account in order to store and publish TEI files in TAPAS.

TAPAS offers two account types: free myTAPAS startup accounts and paid TEI-C accounts. 

For any issues regarding your TAPAS account, please contact us at info@tapasproject.org.

myTAPAS Accounts

myTAPAS accounts are free startup accounts, and include the following features and services:
  • Ability to store and publish your TEI files as TAPAS Records, which will be stored in the TAPAS Commons
  • A user dashboard to manage your TEI Records
  • Access to community forums & encoding support
  • Ability to join and contribute to other TAPAS users’ projects and collections as a “member”

TEI-C Accounts

In partnership with the TEI-Consortium (http://members.tei-c.org), TAPAS offers its users who are members of the TEI-C an automatic upgrade to their myTAPAS accounts that includes project and collection building features. These include,
  • Ability to curate your TEI Records into collections, and organize these within projects
  • Ability to customize your projects and collections with custom thumbnail image, description, external project links, contributor list, etc.
  • Ability to track web traffic to your project and collection pages
  • Ability to invite any TAPAS user onto your projects and collections as contributing members (great for collaborative digital humanities and classroom based projects)

TEI-C Membership(s)

To help you and/or your institution consider the many benefits of registering for a TEI Membership to TAPAS, we've offered some more detailed information on TAPAS | TEI-C accounts To join the TEI-Consortium, please visit the TEI Consortium registration page (http://members.tei-c.org/Join).


*If you have participated in a TEI workshop or Event registered with the TEI-Consortium in the past year, you are eligible for a free one-year TEI-C membership. Please go here to learn more: http://members.tei-c.org/Events

TEI memberships start at $50 a year for an individual membership and $250 per year for the “Supporter” level institutional membership. If your institution is already a member of the TEI, you should contact your institution’s TEI membership administrator to link your account to your institution’s TEI membership (see details on TEI Institution Memberships below).

Individual Memberships

Prior to registering as an Individual Member of the TEI, check with your associated institution to see if they have institutional level TEI memberships available to you. 

To register as an Individual member with the TEI-C, go to http://members.tei-c.org/Join and select “Individual.”

Please make sure to use the same email address when you register for both your TAPAS account and your membership with the TEI. Your TEI membership account email will be automatically associated with your TAPAS account to upgrade your account.

Institutional Memberships

If you are the TEI administrator, make sure you sign up with the email address that TEI has on record. If the email addresses match, you should automatically get full access to TAPAS. If you are not the TEI administrator, contact your TEI administrator and ask to be added as a member to the TEI bundle.

Once added to the TEI website, complete any membership tasks that come to you via email, this includes verifying your TAPAS account, verifying your TEI membership, and changing your password on the TEI-C website.

You may need to logout of TAPAS and log back in to see the membership changes. You will know that you have full access to TAPAS when “Create a Project” appears in the project menu.

Managing your Institutional Memberships

When your institution joined the TEI, you chose a level (Supporter, Contributor, Friend, Patron, Sustaining Patron). Each level comes with a “bundle” of members that you can name as affiliated with your institution. Each named member in the “bundle” gets full access to TAPAS.

If you are the TEI administrator, this is how you add someone from your institution as a member of your TEI bundle:
  • Go to http://members.tei-c.org/ and login
  • Click on “View Profile” under your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen:
  • On the profile screen, note that your membership level indicates how many members you can have in your institution’s bundle. As the TEI administrator, you use up one of the member slots in the bundle.
  • In the Bundle Summary section, click the Add Member.
  • Fill in the information on that screen. First Name, Last Name, and email address are the most important fields to fill out. Important: The email address here must match the email address in TAPAS.
  • Click Save and let the user know to go through the steps to confirm the account on the TEI website by clicking on the link in the first email and changing their password in the second.
  • If the user is logged into TAPAS, that person may need to log out and then log back in order to see the change in status.
  • For any issues regarding signing up for you TEI membership, please contact the TEI at membership@tei-c.org.
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