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A TEI Record in TAPAS is the public facing content type associated with any TEI file ingested in the TAPAS Repository. When a logged in TAPAS user uploads a TEI file into the TAPAS repository, they do so through a TEI Record creation form, which remains as an editable front-end web record of the user’s contributed TEI file.

*A TAPAS account is required to create a TEI Record in TAPAS -- see “Accounts”

**All TEI Records must be uploaded to existing project collection(s). Startup account holders are given access to the TAPAS Commons project collection to upload, view, and store their TEI Records. Users with access to project and collection features (see “TEI-C”) can choose to add their TEI Records to either the Commons or to their own existing project collection(s).

Record Types

TAPAS helps users manage two types of records of their TEI files stored in the TAPAS repository: Primary and Support
Primary TEI RecordsA Primary TEI Record is any TEI Record not designated as a “Support Record,” i.e., a TEI file not used in the management of a TEI project or encoding workflow.

To steps on creating a TEI Record in TAPAS, see “Creating Records” 

Support Records

In addition to Primary Source TEI files, Secondary Support file types are supported as TAPAS Records.

These include,
  • Personography
  • Placeography
  • Bibliography
  • Orgography
  • Otherography (Generic)


Users currently can upload and store ODD, with the intended future development of TAPAS features and analytics that make use of ODD.

Creating/Linking Support Records

Support Records are stored at the Project level, and can be referenced from multiple Primary Records within the same Project.

To create a Support Record, see "Creating Records"

Please also note the following:

To ensure proper association between your Support (Ography) Records and your Primary TEI Records,
  • Support files must be uploaded as TEI Records prior to the referencing/linked Primary Source TEI Records (*you can always reupload the TEI files for existing referencing Records to reassociate)
  • All Support file Records must live in the same TAPAS Project space as referencing/linked Primary Source TEI Record
  • Any changes made to Support file require associated Primary Source TEI Records be resaved to properly re-associate
  • Encoding must include correct file extension and linking

See an example of how Ography linking works in TAPAS Records: http://www.tapasproject.org/tapas-commons/files/handling-ography-data-tapas-reader

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