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File Formats

.xml, .tei are the accepted file formats for Record TEI files.*.xml and .tei files must be valid as TEI (see “(TEI) Records” > “Encoding Requirements”)10MB is the max file size for uploaded TEI files.

TEI Encoding Requirements

The TAPAS system supports only valid TEI. All TEI files must include,

TEI document structure


A minimal teiHeader


A declared TEI namespace


Auxiliary (Image) Files

Accepted File Formats.png, .tif , .tiff. , .jpg , .jpeg are allowed file formats for Image Files associated with the TEI record.

Users can upload multiple images files into a record under “Auxiliary Files,” where each file will not exceed 10MB 

*TAPAS does not currently limit the number of image files a single user can upload as part of TEI Records.

Linking/Associating Image files in TEI Records

We support the display of associated image files in a TEI Record that uses one of two encoding methods:

On @facs on < pb > (see an example here: http://www.tapasproject.org/tapas-commons/files/image-files-tapas-records")

As a < graphic > in < figure > (see an example here:http://www.tapasproject.org/tapas-commons/files/image-files-tapas-records")

Uploading Image File to Primary TEI Record

Upload your image file(s) in the TEI Record form under “Auxiliary Files” > “Add a New File”
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