Tapas Project

You can watch this short slideshow on managing your account settings in TAPAS: (link to slideshow or embed slideshow)

Or, you can read through the following sections:

Edit “Profile-About” Statement

You can edit your profile statement at any time from Account > Edit > Profile > Profile-About.

You may write in plain text or custom HTML by selecting option from “Text Formats” toggle. For more information about composing in HTML in TAPAS, please read our Help guide here: http://www.tapasproject.org/filter/tips/filtered_html

Edit Affiliated “Profile-Institution”

You can update your affiliated institution at any time under Account > Edit > Profile > Profile-Institution.

Our system retain a dynamic log of user-added institution names. When you type, the box will search database. If are not automatically provided an option for your institution, please input your institution name.

Edit “Profile-Display-Name”

You can include a custom profile display name to replace your username that will display on your profile, Records, Projects, Collections, Forum entries, etc. Go to Account > Edit > Profile > Profile-Display-Name

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