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Watch this short slideshow on managing your account settings in TAPAS: (slideshow forthcoming)

Or, Read through the following sections:

Edit username

You cannot change your TAPAS username, which you use to log into your account. But you can edit the name that displays on your public profile, projects, collections, records, and forum entries. (See link to: “profile-display-name)

Edit email address

You can change the email address associated with your TAPAS account at any time (e.g., to activate TEI-C membership project and collection features).
  1. Go to Account > Edit > Email Address
  2. Enter your “Current Password”
  3. Enter the new email address to be associated with your TAPAS account
  4. Submit by hitting “Save”

Edit / Reset password

Edit Password: can change your existing password at any time from your Account > Edit > Password.

Request Password: If you’ve lost your password and need to request a new password, please do the following:
  1. Go to http://www.tapasproject.org/user and select “Request New Password” tab (http://www.tapasproject.org/user/password)
  2. Enter your existing username or email address
  3. Select the “Reset Password” link from the email sent to you by the TAPAS system (check your spam folder after a few minutes if not in your email inbox)  Enter a new password to be associated with your TAPAS account You should be automatically logged in!
Contact the TAPAS Team for further assistance (info@tapasproject.org)

Edit profile picture

  1. Go to Account > Edit > Picture
  2. Select “Choose File” button
  3. Submit by hitting “Save”

Edit Contact Settings

TAPAS does not publicly share user email addresses. We offer a “Personal Contact From” that allows the public to contact you without needing your email address.

To enable or disable the “Personal Contact Form” feature,
  1. Got to Account > Edit > Contact Settings
  2. Check the box to enable
  3. Uncheck the box to disable

Edit Location Settings

You can edit the location / timezone settings associated with your authored TAPAS content under Account > Edit > Locale Settings

Transfer Account Content

You can transfer admin / author privileges of your TAPAS project(s) or collection(s) to an existing TAPAS user who is a current member of your project or collection:
  1. Go to existing Project or Collection
  2. Select Edit
  3. Select Group
  4. Select user from list of existing users
  5. Choose “Modify User Role” from options; select “Execute”
  6. Select Project (or, Collection) Administrator
  7. Submit
*This action cannot be undone from your account. The new administrator will have complete control over admin settings once submitted.

**You cannot change ownership of a TAPAS Record.

Cancel account

You can cancel your TAPAS account at any time. Once your account is canceled, it cannot be undone without contacting the site administrator (info@tapasproject.org). We do not delete any content associated with your account unless requested. To request we delete your TAPAS records, projects, and collections, please contact the site administrator (info@tapasproject.org). If you would like to transfer admin privileges to your existing TAPAS Project(s) or Collection(s) to another TAPAS user please see Transfer Account

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