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Once you have decided on the type of TAPAS account you would like to create, use the following steps to activate your account. Note that you do not need to create a new account if you decide later to upgrade your TAPAS account*.

Create a Free myTAPAS Startup Account

Watch a quick slideshow tutorial on creating your TAPAS account: (link to slideshow forthcoming)

Or, follow these steps:
  1. Go to http://www.tapasproject.org/user/register
  2. Create a username (usernames cannot be changed once added. You can, however, edit your profile-display-name after you create your TAPAS account (see “Profile-Display-Name”)
  3. Provide an email address not currently in our system (all email addresses are kept private and will never be shared with other TAPAS users or the public; we include the option to enable a secure contact form between TAPAS users and the public. See “Account Settings” > “Edit Contact Settings”)
  4. If you are associated with an institution or organization, please note in provided field
  5. Offer a bio statement in field provided. This will display as part of your public TAPAS profile. This statement will help other TAPAS users know a bit about you and your relationship to the TEI. It may also help invite collaborations.
  6. Upload a bio picture to be displayed as part of your public profile
You will be automatically added to the TAPAS Commons

Create a paid, TEI-C account

To enable project and collection features as part of your TAPAS dashboard space, you should,
  1. (Current TAPAS User)  
Register for membership with the TEI Consortium using the same email address* as your current TAPAS account
  1. (New TAPAS User)
  1. Register for membership with the TEI Consortium
  2. Using the same email address* on file with your TEI-C membership, register for a TAPAS account (your account will automatically be upgraded). See these this section for a slideshow and steps: (link to section above)
Paid accounts are automatically enabled via a setup where the registered TAPAS user’s account email is checked against the TEI-C’s membership database (Wild-Apricot). If the user’s email is registered and up to date with the TEI-C, they are automatically granted access to project and collection features in their TAPAS user dashboard.

The TAPAS Commons is a community level, public project in TAPAS. All registered users of TAPAS are able to upload and contribute TEI content to this shared project as part of their free TAPAS account.
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