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The TAPAS Reading Interface includes a series of TEI Viewing Packages that apply custom stylesheets to loaded TEI Records.  

User Contributed Stylesheets

TAPAS does not yet support user contributed stylesheets, though there a plans to at a future date. If you have suggestions for possible stylesheets or user cases, please contact the TAPAS team: info@tapasproject.org 

Selecting View Packages

In TEI Records
Owners of TEI Records can select which View Package will be active upon loading their TEI Records in the TAPAS Reading Interface. You can select your preferred view package in the Record creation/edit form under the “View Package” toggle.  

In the Reading Interface
Users can toggle through available view packages under “Choose Stylesheet” toggle.  Information about view packages is included in summary in the reading interface.  

Available View Packages

Current View Packages include,

TAPAS Generic

TAPAS Generic is a TAPAS developed and maintained stylesheet. It is the standard view for all TAPAS records that do not choose one of the other offered View Packages in the Record settings. It includes an auto-generated Table of Contents (TOC). The TOC lists all top level <div>’s. It also allows for diplomatic and normalized views, and toggle page breaks. It will also display any associated page images on <pb> as an expandable thumbnail. It also displays targeted notes or linked -Ography data in a popup.

TEI Boilerplate

TAPAS includes the TEI Boilerplate stylesheet. TEI Boilerplate is an open-source view TEI view package developed and maintained by John Walsh at Indiana University. (Learn more here: http://dcl.ils.indiana.edu/teibp/ ) TAPAS does not include any customizations to this stylesheet. TEI Boilerplate includes three standard themes: “Default,” “Sleepy Time,” and “Terminal,” and allows for the ability to toggle page breaks.

XML View

The XML View package allows the reader to view the markup of the primary source TEI file. This view allows for soft wrap, toggle of invisibles, and collapsible code structure.To select your preferred View Package, choose the desired view under “View Package” toggle in the Record and Collection creation forms. You can edit these settings at any time by editing the existing Record or Collection form.Users can toggle through available view packages in the TAPAS Reading Interface as well.
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