Tapas Project


TEI File Storage

TAPAS will store your TEI data for the long term. We will not remove or delete any user contributed TEI Records to the TAPAS Repository without permission of the Record owner. The owner of TEI Record can edit or delete a record at any time. See “TEI Records” > “Managing Records”

Image File Storage

TAPAS allows users to upload image files (.png, .tif, .tiff, .jpg, .jpeg) as part of
  1. The Auxiliary Files in TEI Records
  2. Thumbnail logo on Projects, Collections, Records,
  3. User’s profile picture
We do not currently limit the number of image files a single TAPAS can upload into the repository as part of their projects, collections, records. However, TAPAS is intended as a TEI repository service and we reserve the right to remove or restrict image file upload and storage in TAPAS in cases where
  • A user abuses intended purpose of image storage via TAPAS TEI Records
  • Exceeds normal/expected data storage per user
  • Uploads offensive image file content
 For more information on uploading and associating your image files, please see “TEI Records” > “Auxiliary (Image) Files”
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