Tapas Project

TAPAS helps users manage their TEI data through its Hydra project site by way of three frontend content types: Projects, Collections, and Records. 

All user contributed TEI files to the TAPAS repository are given a public facing record, or TEI TAPAS Record (learn more about “Records”). This record is owned by the contributing user and can be edited, updated, or deleted at any time. Published TAPAS Records are always associated with an existing TAPAS project  (learn more about “Projects”) and at least one of that project’s collections (learn more about “Collections”). Each TAPAS user is given automatic access to the pre-built, public project, the TAPAS Commons, and its publicly shared collection, Public Collection (learn more about the TAPAS Commons), through which to upload and view their TEI files. TAPAS users who have access to upgraded features through their TEI-C membership are able to publish their TEI Records through either the TAPAS Commons or their own custom projects and collections (learn more about TEI-C memberships).

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