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TEI Templates and Guides

The Guides and Templates collection is a pre-generated collection of sample TEI files that model common document genres (e.g., letters, drama, poetry as well as sample support files: placeography, personography, orgographies) as well as common encoding scenarios supported by the TAPAS Reading Interface. 

View full Templates and Guides Collection: http://www.tapasproject.org/tapas-commons/tei-templates

Looking for a template not yet offered here? Have templates of your own that you would like to contribute to the TAPAS community? Please let us know by posting to the encoding forum.

All materials published here are freely available for download and reuse by the TAPAS community.

TAPAS Forums

TAPAS offers forum spaces for users to engage discussions of TEI markup. These forums are all public and can be viewed by other TAPAS users. One must be logged in to a TAPAS account to post to the forums. (See Accounts) 

Our current TAPAS forum threads include,

General Encoding Questions

Link:  http://www.tapasproject.org/forums/general-encoding-questions


Link: http://www.tapasproject.org/forums/code-alongs


Link: http://www.tapasproject.org/forums/odd


Link: http://www.tapasproject.org/forums/ographies

TEI Header

Link: http://www.tapasproject.org/forums/tei-header


Link: http://www.tapasproject.org/forums/poetry


Link: http://www.tapasproject.org/forums/drama


Link: http://www.tapasproject.org/forums/letters

TEI Workshops

TAPAS Workshops

TAPAS Workshops are run by the TAPAS team and focus on managing your TEI data and projects in TAPAS. These workshops are offered to members and non-members of TAPAS.We offer two workshop formats:
  • 1-day workshops that help participants get started in TAPAS
  • 2-day workshops that offer an introduction to the TEI followed by a hands-on lab in TAPAS
TAPAS workshops are held either at Northeastern University or by request at other institutions. Pricing and scheduling will vary. Please be sure to provide as much information as possible in your Workshop inquiry to help us assess what kinds of services you or your community will need in a workshop setting. 

Community Workshops

We support outside community TEI workshops by offering a prebuilt community workshop project space. Here, partnering instructors (see below) and their attendees can upload sample TEI, collaborate through a dedicated forum space, create custom collections, and test drive TAPAS features.

Go to the Community Workshops Project

Partnering Instructors: Running a TEI workshop and want to use TAPAS? Become a partnering instructor with TAPAS. This is a free service of the TAPAS project, open to all members of the TAPAS and TEI community. 

Steps for Getting Started with the Community Workshops Project:

Step 1: Become a Partnering Instructor
We will help get you setup and include your event in the schedule below.
Step 2: Visit the Community Workshops ProjectOnce you've registered as a participating instructor, you can request to join the community project and create your workshop's dedicated collection.
Step 3: Looking for guides and information on using the TAPAS project? Go to our "Getting Started with TAPAS" page. Here you will find overviews on TAPAS accounts, features of our project site, and slideshows tutorials for getting started.
Step 4: Don't forget to register your workshop with the TEI-C here. This will provide your participants a free one-year membership to the TEI-C and give them access to project building features in TAPAS for the duration of their membership.
Step 5: Prior to your event, have your participants register for TAPAS Accounts and request membership to the Community Workshop project.

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