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TAPAS Collections are a component of the extended Project feature that comes with a paid TEI-C myTAPAS account.

Collections allow TAPAS users to curate their TEI files according to desired topics or themes.

Collections Features

  • There is no limit to the number of collections a project can house, and TEI files can be associated across collections (but not across projects). This is particularly useful for uploading support files to your TEI Support Records (e.g., personographies, placeographies, orgographies) *All support files must be ingested prior to TEI records to enable proper association. (see “Support Records”)
  • Collection homepage view 
  • Custom collection title
  • Custom collection thumbnail
  • Custom collection description
  • Membership: any current TAPAS user can be given access as a contributing "Member" on your existing collections, through which to contribute new TEI records

Creating Collections

To create a new Project in TAPAS go to myTAPAS Dashboard > My Collections > Add New

Watch this quick slideshow on creating a Collection: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/17jIEuZtc7DVbyt9iWwD2xX3bEuCGJqFknsOeeVC-UEk/embed?start=false&loop=true&delayms=10000

Or, follow these steps
  1. (Required) Give your collection a Title in “Collection Title” field
  2. (Recommended) Provide a “Collection Description“
  3. (Recommended) Upload a thumbnail to your collection
  4. (Optional) Create a custom “Slug”
  5. (Required) Designate the privacy settings for this collection (see Managing Collection Privacy Settings)
  6. Select the parent Project in which this collection will reside
  7. Select a preferred View Package for the Records in this collection (see View Packages)

Editing Collections

You can edit your collection at any time by going to myTAPAS Dashboard > My Collections > “My Collection Title” > Edit

You can also delete your collections by going to myTAPAS Dashboard > My Collections > “My Collection Title”  > Edit > Delete

*WARNING! If you delete a Collection, its Records will be deleted as well.

Managing Collection Privacy Settings

Collections have two privacy settings:
  • Public: makes your collection publicly viewable to anyone with the URL to the project, and includes it in the TAPAS collection browse page and site search
  • Private: makes your Collection private and only accessible by the project/collection admin, project editor, and other collection level members

Managing Members of Collections

Other TAPAS users can request and/or be given membership access to your projects and collections for collaboration purposes. TAPAS users do not have to have an upgraded user account to be a member on an existing project or collection, but they cannot be given admin privileges.

Membership Roles & Privileges

You can review the Roles and Privileges of Project / Collection membership by logging into your myTAPAS account > Project (or) Collection Homepage > Group > Permissions (or) Roles


Limited Read, Write access (Can create, edit, delete own records/collections within parent project, but not others; cannot edit or delete parent project)

Project Editor:

Extended Read, Write access (Can edit parent project, create new records/collections, view/edit/delete other members’ records/collections in parent project, but cannot delete parent project)

Project Administrator:

Unrestricted Read, Write access to parent project (Can edit/delete parent Project, Collections, Records)

Adding New Members

To add a new member to your project or collection, follow these steps:
  1. Check to make sure the person you are inviting is already a member of TAPAS (If s/he is not yet a TAPAS user, s/he can register for a TAPAS account here: http://www.tapasproject.org/user/register)
  2. Log into your TAPAS | TEI-C account
  3. Go to the homepage of the project or collection you wish to add the new member, and select Group > Add People from the tabs at top. (*Adding a member to your project gives them access to all existing collections you are an admin on; you can add/remove members from other project collections where desired)
  4. Input the user’s TAPAS username in the “Username” field (you can locate their username on his/her profile page or by searching for them under Search > Advanced Search > Users)
  5. (Optional) Give user an advanced membership role:
    • Project Administrator (Only select if you wish to transfer over your Project Administrative privileges to this user)
    • Project Editor (Only select if you trust this user to be able to create, edit, or delete any content in this project)
    • Or, leave blank for ordinary membership privileges
  6. (Optional) Compose a Request Message to the user
  7. Select “Add Users” to submit

Editing Roles of Current Members

To edit role of existing project or collection member go to Project Homepage > Group > People > Member Name > Edit

*changing member role will only apply to collections they do not own in your project; you can remove user as a member from your project to revoke all privileges (see below)

Removing Current Members

To remove existing project or collection member go to Project Homepage > Group > People > Member Name > Delete

*Removing a member does not delete his/her Records or Collections from your project

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